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Welcome to our Cypress Park based rug restore service.

With over 25 years of combined support, our environmentally friendly rug repair professionals are some of the most skilled within the Los Angeles area. From minor area rug repairs to oriental rug renewal, you can expect extremely inexpensive prices for archival top quality repairs.

Let our provider carry out the qualified cleaning for you!

Your rug is actually a useful artwork within your space and therefore requirements to be dealt with as one. Your spilled wine or coffee on it, your dog peed on your rug or maybe you had to cope with water damage. There are many reasons why your precious rug can include stains and dirt you can’t get out yourself. We are prepared to help you. We guarantee to improve the life of one’s rug and give the protection it deserves! Our technicians take advantage of the top of the line technology processes in an effort to deeply clean and fix the colors of one’s rug.

Here is sampling of many of the rug or carpet spots that we come upon every day.

1. Pet pee, feces and vomit can cause stains.

2. Marks brought on by furniture is usually repaired. Lots of times a spilled drink will sink down a furnishings leg and result in a mark.

3. Quite a few foods cause marks ketchup, wine, vegetables, mustard, cuisine grease etc.

4.Many conditions can lead to irreversible dark marks garden soil, oil, food, animal, and so on.

5.Yellow stains are caused by many distinctive home goods.

6. Rust is generally brought on when metal that is definitely pressing the carpet is subjected to water.


Rug Repair & Refurbishment – Many Many years of Expertise!

We make reweaving lost ends, reviving lost corners, repairing holes with fitting wool and recovering the lost designs and styles, joining, fringes, reweaving fibreless spots.

Accidents occur. Don’t worry if your dog or cat chews part of your Persian, Oriental or Area rugs, typically on the side parts. Our skilled carpet repair employees rebuild it as if never happened.

Rug Repair

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